07-08-07: Again, long time between rants. Yes, I know Shenanigan has barely updated in the last few months but we're getting things into gear here shortly. We're preparing to have the first issue finished by August so that it can be sold at the Cananda Fan Expo and probably be sold online too, we'll see how that goes, any of you who have followed the link, I thank you, the rest of you, well what are you waiting for?

Also there are a few more comics linked that you may or may not have found, but should have.

01-16-07: Dear lord it's been a while since I've ranted or said much of anything. Well here you go, lots of random things, first off I've added some new fan art and organized that gallery a bit better, so check that out at your lesiure. Next, I've done some overhauling of the links page, got rid of a few links for comics I stopped reading and that kind of thing, in addition I've added a ton of new ones, some that have just started up and some that have a considerable archive. But most importantly Legostar Galactica will no longer be my only comic, I have started a new project with the artist of Pimpette and Associates, it's called Shenanigan, and once we launch on January 27th I expect each and every one of my readers to go head over there every time we update, got it? Good. Carry on then.

06-24-06: A whole bunch of new comic links for you down there. The top three (you see i'm doing something different now, in hopes of getting your attention better) are fairly popular and have decent archives, the lower three new ones are mostly just starting out, but they're worth your read and you can say you were there when they started so check them out.

06-13-06:  So for those of you who don't read Cortland, and I have no idea why you wouldn't, he's been giving me like a bajillion cameos over the past couple of weeks, so check it out and see little lego me. Also he's doing a lot of comics about the Comic Genesis Cookout which happened over the weekend of June 2nd. It kicked ass on so many levels it's just unbelievable, I don't think I've ever so instantly fit in with a group of people before, it was like we had all known each other forever, and most of us had never met in person before. Wonderful community this Comic Genesis.

5-28-06: Again, not much to rant about, but I added a few links, some new comics that I've read that all of you should, so get to it. I know you have nothing better to do, how do I know? Cause you're here reading this. So go and read.

3-22-06: Haven't had a rant in a while, I guess mostly cause I haven't had much to say. Either way. Many of you have enjoyed the random fanart and drawings I've gotten from Mary Mevis. Well now it's time to give back, and I don't mean just visitng her site. She's got a book out of her pinup art, it's on Lulu and it's not expensive, dig deep folks, and get yourself a copy of some great pinup art drawings. DO IT NOW!

12-25-05: Merry Christmas for those of you celebrating! And It's about time for some more links. Tales of Pylea, there isn't a lot of it but it's beauty will awe you. Those Destined, another wonderful fantasy epic. If you don't know about VG Cats... I don't know what to say to you.

12-2-05: Look for a cameo of my forum personality over at Angry D. Monkey today.

10-04-05: Okay, first order of business. GO SEE SERENITY! If you already have, go see it again! They need to make more money!

Now that that's said, here are some links. Reasoned Cognition is good if you've got science questions and want them answered both well and funn.... funnily.. that's not a word, and I don't care. Reckless Youth is for those of you who are currently lacking in a humorous messiah. The Nice Guy is frankly far too much like my own life for my comfort....

09-21-05: I got cameo'd in Darken! Here, well I'm about to be killed, but oh well, them's the breaks.

09-18-05: Where the hell did August and half of September go??? Oh, yeah, I spent them doing my qualifying exams. I passed though, for those who are interested, as such I am now half way to my PhD. I hope everyone enjoyed the fan art over the last few weeks, and I hope everyone who contributed got some new fans out of the deal. In any case, I'm back and the story continues. I wish I had something else to rant about but mostly I'm just happy to be done with my quals and moving on with my life and research. I'll have some new comics to link soon but really if you didn't get enough reading material following the links from the fan art and guest strips you have far too much time on your hands and I don't know what to do with you.

08-01-05: Here's a few nice links for all you to enjoy. Elvenbaath, hey at least it's not the'elven. Anywhere But Here, just plain great comic. Head Doctor Productions, careful, this one's not safe for work, but the art is amazing!

07-01-05: I know it's been a while but I've got some new links for you wonderful people. First off, Junk Riot, this woman does amazing pin up art too, some of which you'll see for the three year aniversary extravaganza. Also Gun Metal Annie and Mansion of E should take up some of your time, in a good way ;).

06-09-05: I have some new links for all of you. First off I would like to show my support for my good friends who are all doing the Lazy Grind. This is their way to make sure they update three days a week. It's like the five days a week grind some other people are competing in... only lazy. But they're all good comics, some of whom I've linked before so you should check it out and show your support for some good comics.

In addition I've gone through some more archives. Modest Destiny, Go For It and Just an Escape. Check them all out, they're great!

05-25-05: New Banner thanks to Mr. R. Kolter of Reasoned Cognition.

05-16-05: Again I send you in the direction of good Keenspace comics, go see Angry D. and the Traveling Gnome.

05-07-05: Goodbye Mixed Myth, you will be missed!

05-01-05: Here are a few more comics that I like and all of you should read, seriously every one of you click on these links! Ugly Girl, Cortland, and The Menagerie.

04-27-05: I know some of you out there are preparing for the coming zombie apocolypse. I've stopped laughing at you. <--fake, yes I know...

04-26-05: Someone sent this to me today. Can't say I've ever had that dream.. but I'm sure I will now...

04-24-05: More love for my friends at keenspace. Pimpette and Associates, Pointless, and also Rob and Elliot, the authors of which I haven't actually spoken with and they're not on keenspace, but it's still funny... iMonkey.. heh.

04-16-05: Some new links for all of you, down there. Clicky, Clicky!

04-15-05: Happy Birthday To my Very First Reader! Happy Birthday Sam!

04-04-05: Time for me to weigh in on something I've been pissed about for a while now. A bunch of new sStar Wars episode III lego sets and at least one classic Star Wars sets now have jedi with lightsabers grafted to their little hands which light up when you press their heads. THIS IS NOT WHY I BUY LEGOS! I want the full range of customizability! It makes me angry, it's trivial and stupid, but it still angers me that they're making legos more and more like normal toys... I don't want normal toys, I want freakin legos! </crazy rant>

03-31-05: Oh the horrible horrible pun!! Watch this, watch it now!

03-21-05: The great thing about being sick is that it gives me time to go through some webcomic archives I've been meaning to, and there's a few new links to check out for those of you looking for a laugh.

03-20-05Current inane project.

04-01-05: Happy April Fools! Some of you may have noticed I didn't do today's comic. The comic I did for today is here.

03-19-05: You must all visit I Judge You, because Steve Stacey, as indicated by his moniker on the keenspace forum, rules.

Also, Jen finally got her webcomic up and running go check it out at Mars or Bust!

03-13-05: I can currently be seen in a crowd scene in Thespiphobia. Third row, just right of middle.

03-10-05: Patched my first cell today! Okay, so that probably doesn't mean a damn thing to any of you so I shall explain. I am currently embarking upon learning Electrophysiology, which is the study of the electrical potential of cells (in this case neurons). The technique basically consists of stabing a cell with a fine tipped, fire polished glass pipette which is then used to break the cell membrane through application of negative pressure and giving one the ability to record all of the electrical activity in a cell. It's not an easy technique to learn, and I'm very pleased that I'm on my way to being, in addition to many other things, an electrophysiologist.

03-06-05: I've actually known this was coming for a while but was sworn to secrecy. I had no idea how great it would be for my site traffic though. Thanks David! A copy of this comic will be up on my fan art page eventually, as soon as keenspace stablizes a bit.

03-03-05: Stumbled upon this today. Can't tell if he likes the comic or not. Can't spell my name though, most people can't. Guess who posted the comment :).

02-28-05: Happy birthday to me! Yippie!

Also, and I'm a moron for not saying this earlier, Queen of Wands finished last Wednesday and I'd just like to congratulate Aerie for all her fine work and well done ending.

02-27-05: Okay I've been meaning to mention a few things for a while but haven't been able to so here we go.

I am currently webcomicker of the week at The n00b which just plain rocks.

I just found out that the fabulous Mr. Bob of Star Bored has linked to me, and I'm linking to him, so there we go.

I swear there were some other things, but I can't think of them now... Also looks like sometime in the near future I'll be getting my own forum on keenspace which I urge all of my loyal fans (and my not so loyal ones too) to join and harass me in a more permanent form.

02-23-05: It occured to me just now that in a few years I'll be able to change that text up on the comic that says by D. M. Jeftinija to by D. M. Jeftinija Ph.D. (i assume in three or four years I'll still be doing legostar as I don't anticipate running out of ideas anytime soon). It's just kinda an odd feeling.

02-22-05: I stumbled upon this in the Keenspace Forums. The story is odd but for whatever reason I really like the artwork.

Also I joined some webcomic ranky kajiggers. ::waves hand in a Jedi manner:: You will vote for me.

02-21-05: Figures, the tagboard goes down the day I actually would like some imput... sheesh.

02-20-05: I'm not gonna keep records of the old rants anymore. Mostly cause most of what I have to say is pretty boring and inconsequential. I am going to create a gallery in that section with some of the weird pictures I've taken to hang onto those, but mostly once it goes away from here it's gone.

01-26-05: Sweet Zombie Jebus on a Pogostick! You like me! You really really like me!!!!!

In my humble opinion this is the funniest damn thing that Scott Kurtz has ever written, and I'm a huge fan of his work, so that's saying quite a bit.

01-25-05: It seems I really didn't have to post this, but I wrote it before Kathleen discovered it, so here it is anyway: Between Jericho's announcement of his submission of Fan Art to Irregular Webcomic, and my finally coming up with a joke I felt worthy of that particular strip, I finally created a peice of fan art for Mr. Morgan-Mar and submitted it. I will be posting it here on Sunday too just cause, well just cause I feel like it :) So bonus comic on Sunday! Haven't had one of those in a while.

01-20-05: So last night I saw Shaun of the Dead. Honestly this has to be the most realistic zombie movie I've ever seen because it seems like the kind of thing that myself and my cohorts would end up doing if the dead rose up and began eating the living. Only we'd be better prepared, as sad as it is that my friends and I are actually prepared for such a contingency, but hey, all those swords and other weapons have to be good for something, right?.... right???

01-18-05:I am worth $2,503,816.00 on HumanForSale.com


01-16-05: We got this on a package from FedEx the other day at work, it amused me.

01-07-05: Sretan Bozic! That's Merry Christmas to all of you non Serbs out there.

01-06-05: Two new webcomic links, check them out. Planet Zonk even has a link to Legostar!

01-02-05: First and Foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope that for all of you that 2005 is better than 2004, I know that it will be for me, but let's move on to business.

The gallery has been fixed, for those of you who care.

There's a new link on the featured links section, it's not really new because I disocovered this site many many years ago and I'm not sure he's updated since then, but it's really amusing none the less, so check that out.

12-5-04: I have fast feet, especially when I dance. And I'm the first to admit that when I dance I'm not entirely sure of what my feet are doing, they just kinda go of their own accord, which makes for some rather interesting moves and I've been told it looks cool, or rather I've been told "how do you do that???" to which I usually reply, "I don't know."  In any case last night at a dance I accomplished what can be seen in the picture below. When I started dancing my shoes were tied like normal shoes (double knotted actually) but at the end of the evening I noticed one of my shoelaces had done... well that. How the hell did I do that?

11-16-04: Well, it's finally happened, I'm flawed. After 23 years I have my first cavity. ::sigh::

11-13-04: CONGRATULATIONS CASEY!!!!! (Slightly belated, but what can you expect when you take two days to inform me ;))

11-12-04: "It's [Life] like a song. Now, I can hold a note for a long time, actually I can hold a note forever, but eventually that's just noise. It's the change we're listening for, the note coming after, and the one after that, that's what makes it music."--Krevlorneswath of the Deathwalk clan, or at that point in "Angel" just The Host. I just really like that quote.

11-6-04: I'm going to say it, I am firmly convinced that Pixar is incapable of making a bad movie. Seriously, how many studios can make six films, in a row, that just plain kick ass? Not to mention bringing back the art of putting short films on before the feature, and making outtakes of digitally created films and the fact that they make movies that are suitable for children and adults (Yes, Megan, adults too can watch animated movies). "The Incredibles" was, well to use a perfectly apt adjective, Incredible. It's my new favorite Pixar movie, with Monsters Inc in a close second. Nice poster here.

11-2-04: Vote. Voooooote. VOOOOOOOOOOTE. BRAAAAAAAAINS!!!!!, I mean vote.

10-29-04: Someone over there linked to me so I thought I'd link to the Cylon Alliance, and there it is, down there.

10-18-04: There are very few quality t.v. programs out there today. Very often shows that are truly interesting and insightful and creative get canned before they even get a chance to entertain us. (You all know what Joss Whedon soon to be movie I'm talking about). I can't say I've come in on the ground floor of a lot of good shows, I started watching Buffy from season 5, Angel from season 2, Stargate SG-1 from god knows when and Bab-5 from season 5. Though I can claim to have started Deep Space Nine from the start, somewhere I even have a video tape of not only the pilot episode, but of it's original airing. Five years ago I had the pleasure to watch the very first episode of Farscape, as it aired for the first time, and I was hooked from the word go. I was very sad when the show ended, but even more sad that it ended on a "to be continued."  Well last night and tonight Scifi finally finished Farscape with a four hour miniseries which I was just as glad to be right there for. Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was as one interview stated a love letter to the fans, and the beautiful ending the show deserved. Thank you Scifi, and thank you Jim Henson Company for a truly original work of science fiction. And thank you to all of the fans who worked so hard to bring Farscape back for such a wonderful ending.

10-9-04: Went dancing again last night, as a result there's a new gallery on the gallery page. The pictures suck I know, but my little camera apparantly isn't equiped to deal with crappy lighting, or maybe i'm just not smart enough to figure out how to make it work.

9-27-04: Chase: heh, little piece of advice: if you ever take a technical writing class, never write a process description paper on the process of making your webcomic...
Me: well that wouldn't be so hard for me... since i actually make one....
Me: ;-)

9-26-04: So it didn't really take me all that long (less than a week) to break down and buy the Star Wars DVD collection that everyone's been talking about. I exist in this rare camp where I believe that it's George Lucas's world and he's allowed to do whatever the hell he feels like with it. I don't think he ruined his own world, and even if he did, again it is his to ruin, but I really gotta weigh in on a couple of the rechanges to the special editions. Greedo still shoots, but at least it's closer to Han's shot, that debate can be put to rest... seriously stop talking about it. Ian MacDirmond (sp?) is now the Emperor in Episode V... which I guess, I don't know, I guess it's okay. What really, as the expression goes, fries my bacon, is now Hayden Christensen is the ghost of Anikan at the very end of VI (I hope I didn't just spoil the ending for anyone, but if I did, why are you at my site if you haven't seen Star Wars?). I'm a big Star Wars fan, not as big as say Don, but still, in fact I'm proud to say I own the original trilogy on VHS for whatever that's currently worth, frankly I liked that Ewok song at the end of the original versions, so mock me. Anyway, George, it's your world, do with it what you will, but I think you've fiddled enough, if you wanna do more, make three more movies, and base them off of Timothy Zhan's Heir to the Empire Trilogy. As far as the re-re-whatevered trilogy, Penny Arcade said it best. I'm in a great position for Episode III though, either it's good and I enjoy myself, or if it's bad, it so happens I have this comic thing where I mock science fiction :).

9-3-04: This actually happened to me, though rather than crap it was the film developing lab above my lab bench that sprung a leak, and believe me when I say you would much rather have shit raining down on your head than developer's fluid, cause developer's fluid is just a whole lot more toxic. I, however, did not call it a day, cause I'm not allowed to do that, I don't think I can even call it a day if frogs rained down from the sky, but I'd have to check my indentured service contract... I mean, the graduate school handbook...

8-28-04: I love dancing. I really do, I know it's a strange thing to hear from a guy, especially one as geeky as myself, but I do, I love dancing and I've forgotten how much I missed doing it regularly. I finnally went to one of the local swing club's get togethers and spent four hours dancing. I hurt like hell, but it's a good hurt, a familiar happy hurt. Most people I know go out and get excercise as if it's some kind of chore, they do it begrudingly and then complain about it, but I've forgetten how much fun it is, real excercise, doing physical activity, yard work, walking instead of driving, going out dancing, playing soccer. It really is a wonderful feeling that more people should learn to enjoy. I can never understand the people who complain about weight gain, and who have a stair master at home and take the elvator up two or three floors at work. Or the people who ride our little shuttle bus in the morning, instead of making the fifteen minute walk (bus takes about that much time anyway) and then go to the gym and walk on the track. It's all very strange to me. But this all comes back to my intial point:  I love dancing!!!!!

8-27-04: Conversation with my friend Jen today on the topic of her recent travel to Japan.

Jen: so... at the airport, i couldn't take nailclippers through security
Jen: but after i got past security, there was a shop where i could BUY nailclippers!
Me: ::laughs very very hard::
Jen: i asked the clerk about it, and he said that yeah, it was weird, but the clippers were smaller than normal or something so it was ok
Me: that's the best thing i've EVER HEARD
Me: you have made my day
Jen: yay
Jen: this was at O'HARE
Me: heh

8-25-04: HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY LEGOSTAR!!!! Can anyone believe I've actually been doing this for 2 years?

Also happy birthday to Sluggy Freelance. I just realized this morning that legostar shares a birthday with sluggy, okay so Pete's got 5 years on me, and can draw... but still.

8-8-04: When I was growing up my father had a simple philosphy of lawn care: Don't. Basically we cut our grass when it was too high and otherwise left it alone, allowing whatever wanted to grow there to grow. This resulted in a nice rich lawn of crab grass, which ironically was green much longer than our neighbors because nice grass doesn't last long in Iowa. As a result when I went to play soccer today on a field that was primarily crab grass unlike my fellow players I was not itching all over because crab grass just doesn't bother me. I'm not really sure why I felt the need to relate this whole convoluted story, but it amused me, so there you have it.

8-6-04: Happy Day of Being Born Nikola Badjic!!!!

7-31-04: I would have posted this earlier but things have been crazy. IT WORKED!!! FARSCAPE IS COMING BACK!!!! okay only as a four hour miniseries, but still FARSCAPE!!!!!!

7-16-04: Here's a translation of the song lyrics from yesterday, this was the chorus of the Djordje Balasevic song Citron Pesma. Don't let the chorus fool you the song's about a yellow car.

When little angels won't help, little devils will
that Lenka won't tomorrow love me
All those struggles and dreams will pass through different states
even love's gotta hurt.

Don't that sound better in serbian? :)

7-15-04: Kad nece mali andjeli sredit ce mali djavoli

da mene Lenka na posletku zavoli

sve ono pati i sanja prolazi kroz razna stanja

e pa ljubav mora i da zaboli

7-5-04: I came back from Columbus visiting some friends and meeting my parents yesterday. It's a three and a half hour drive, that is when you drive the speed limit, which I did because the roads were CRAWLING with cops. Between Columbus and Cincinati I saw 9 cop cars in various degrees of pulling people over or hoping to do so. I even saw one cop car pull over another cop car. Just plain crazy.

Also on a rather unrelated note, aftering spending several hours in a walmart the other day (this is not something I recommend) I went digging through the bargin dvd bin. Generally the odds are very low of finding something you'd actually want to see in said bin, but I think from time to time they toss in a good dvd for that crazy/bored idiot (i.e. me) to look for. As a result of my digging I came upon a dvd with all three Wallace and Grommit episodes on it. 5 bucks for all of Wallace and Grommit, that's a pretty sweet deal. Also digging through that bin I have discovered something pretty amusing: Hugh Grant and Jean Claude Van Damme are kings of the bargin bin dvd.

6-14-04: So last night I finished playing Thief III (aka Deadly Shadows) the final and very long awaited third act of the Thief Trilogy. There were issues with the game, mostly cause they tried to make it identicle for both PC and Xbox, which was a mistake, but mostly this was a game worthy of the name (unlike a certain Tomb Raider game that shall go nameless). The ending, and I won't spoil it for you, if there are any fans of the great Garrett out there, was excellent, as always the storytelling was amazing. In fact that Penny Acrade Guys agree with me, so there! I waited years for this game, and installed a new graphics card in my computer just so I could play it. I tell you every ounce of work I put into being able to play this game was well worth it. Good Sneaksie, trickers the manfools and robbers them blind.

6-2-04: Thank you Jeff for inspiring this new banner. Now there's another choice if you want to advertise my page... though I'm not sure anyone has actually used any of the banners, if you have, kudos! And now, the new banner, also featured on the links page.

4-19-04: I'd like to say right now how proud I am of my home town. Yes, that's right folks, there was another riot in Ames. Veisha (which for those of you who are not from or still in Ames, which with my readership means like five of you, is a celebration at Iowa State that usually gets out of hand). apparantly included a large party at a house of some sort which the cops decided to break up, harsh words were exchanged, and it seems someone tried to redeem their beer bottle for the nickle but it turns out just throwing it at a cop doesn't accomplish this monetary exchange. In any case, there was tear gas and mace and people got arrested, 25 is the number of arresties I heard. I guess it's good no one got killed, which might have been the case if riots happened elsewhere. But yeah, once again, Bravo Ames, Veisha, which used to be such a nice event has been turned into Iowa State's sad and violent version of Mardi Gras, minus the boob flashing... well okay I don't know that for sure, there might have been boob flashing. Possibly some boob macing. You never know.

3-29-04: So a couple of the new Harry Potter Lego sets are out, the rest to be released at the beginning of April, along with the legos for the new spiderman movie. In any case I ordered me a the two little available Harry Potter sets and my suspicious have been confirmed, the characters are now flesh colored, no longer the yellow we have come to know and love. I'm not sure I like this turn of events, there are bound to be lego race riots...

3-24-04: Odd that no one brought it up, thought it could just mean none of you actually read the rant, but in retrospect I make fun of star wars all the time, though I would like to say, in my case, I'm supposed to make fun of scifi stuff, and if I didn't make fun of starwars or star trek this comic would mostly be a lot of jokes that no one but a select few would get... for that you can check out L'ames.

3-23-04: Okay, lots to rant about, so sit back, relax and read.

First and foremost I'd like to officially congratulate Casey, she knows what it's about, i'm not about to go blabing to the whole world about it, well to this corner of the world at least, if you know her, ask her, otherwise nevermind.

Okay, Sunday's episode of the simpsons started off by making fun of star wars, episode I and I think II. Honestly, isn't that just a bit late, I mean the simpsons makes fun of so many old things it's never really dated, but seriously, making fun of Jar Jar Binks? Seems a bit behind the times, but then the simpsons is winding down, damn you fox for canning Futurama.

Lastly it's about time I weighed in on the Passion of the Christ. I'm not even going to go into whether it's anti-semetic, or religiously blah blah blah, it's a movie about the cruxificition of Christ, it's probably gonna be a little pro-Christian, just a little, you'd think... right? Anywho, my problem with all this actually ties in to another of my annoyances, censorship, so here goes. Why is it okay to drag 8 year olds, or even younger into a movie with horrific almost unending violence but if they see Janet Jackson's boob during the superbowl it's attrocious. These are the same damn people too, the conservatives who freak out every time bad words are said on live t.v. and who kicked howard stern off the air (i am not a fan of howard, mind you, i just find it stupid that he's been saying the same crap for years and now it's lewd...). How can we live in a society where it's okay for kids to see and be influenced (yes it does have an influence) by horrible violence, but it's not okay for them to see boobs or hear swearing. I'd much rather my children, whom i do not have yet, see nudity and hear bad language than watch the matrix and violent movies of the like when they're too young to see them. (though i'm not sure I want them watching the matrix films, mostly cause i'd rather not expose them to that level of crappy cinema at such an impressionable age). Seriously, are we so messed up that we think it's acceptable that children see a man's skin pealed away from his body by barbed whips, but janet jackson's boob is a scandal? There, I'm done now.

3-8-04: Thought I'd post this drawing I did over the weekend, hope you guys like it, it's a character from my eventual novles, both insect and guy are the same being, just different forms.

3-5-04: Sam's got a guest comic for y'all (yes i just wrote y'all) on sunday, I'm not sure I get it, but more often than not I don't get Sam's work, but since he's the only one who ever does guest comics for me, even if they are new text and some inserted images, they're still guest comics, so they go up.

3-3-04: Well it's been nearly three years since I was back in Serbia, and going back this summer I thought, hey I've made some progress, I found a wonderful girlfriend who will one day be my wife. Turns out my friend Sasa, my oldest friend, as we were more or less friends while still in the womb (our father's knew each other since college) is not only married but has a two month old baby girl.... Damn!

2-20-04: It's rather ironic that this is the first funny L'ames in a while. Maybe it's because for once I'm in on the inside joke, or maybe because I get hurt, which is always funny. Anywho, I enjoyed it, kudos, Sam.

I do want to teach some day, and by that I mean I wouldn't mind haveing a couple of classes or possibly parts of classes I had to teach upper level students. Primarily I want to do my research but I know that being able to teach will help me get the research job I want, because I really don't want to sell my soul and work in industry. This desire to teach is what lead to me take this rather irritating PFF (Prepairing Future Faculty) course that takes up 2 hours of my week in the evenings and gives me a really really damn long day. I was hoping the course would be more along the lines of learning how to teach well instead of sitting and listening to boring people go on and on about how tenure no longer means job security and our inane class constantly asking the same questions over and over. It's frustrating to have to deal with this when all I want is the teaching certificate and perhaps some training on how to teach because I really do want to get up in front of a class and give them information they might use instead of the memorization I've been subjected to for... ::counts on fingers:: 18 years? It's absurd, so much of what I've been "taught" is gone from my head merely because it was taught in the form of "memorize this!" I don't want to be that teacher. I do not however look forward to those kids, you know who you are, who get a bad grade and tromp into a proffs office determined that they deserve better. I am perfectly willing to help anyone who asks for it, but not the people who believe they deserve better. Of course now they tell me I have to be nice and diplomatic or I'll lose my job if I laugh those twits out of my office. Sure, I get to have years of teachers who don't give a damn because they're tenured but I never get any sort of job security because they ruined it for the rest of us.

2-19-04: Seems like more and more I don't have much of a chance to rant and mostly all I've been putting up here are the results of various 'tests' (see below). I guess I don't have anything in particular to complain about, not too much time to complain, much studying and other things going on, so I leave you with another test, hey most of you don't really come here for the rant but more for the comic and you're still getting that five days a week, in fact you're going to get a couple of bonus comics next weekend, so enjoy.

I'm not sure If I should be disturbed by this, or flattered.

You are Form 8, Demon: The Destroyer. "And The Demon took advantage of the chaos
and seized civillization. With grace and
style, Demon slit The Goddess's belly and
drowned the world in her blood. The Goddess,
The Demon, and the world were no
Some examples of the Demon Form are Seth (Egyptian)
and The Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Christian). The Demon is associated with the concept of
destruction, the number 8, and the element of
earth. His sign is the full moon. As a member of Form 8, you are a very strong willed
individual. You don't let others' opinions
sway your own and you're usually not afraid to
speak your mind. However, some may see you as
a bit overly passionate but it's just because
you never back down from your values. No
matter what, you always do everything with
style. Demons are the best friends to have
because they will back you up.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

2-15-04: Chase's comic is finnally up, and it's pretty damn funny. Go see Chaotic Neutral.

2-11-04: I've been sorted into i'm in ravenclaw!
be sorted @ nimbo.net

2-5-04: So I thought I'd weigh in on a couple of things...First of all this whole Janet Jackson's boob thing. Please, people, give it a break, it's a boob, who cares??? So your children saw a boob... is that really worth and FCC investigation and a waste of a whole lot of money? If you're afraid of them seeing boobs you'd better be careful, don't take them to anywhere in the free world, don't leave cinemax on, don't breast feed!!! Sheesh. The thing of it is... say that it was done on purpose and not just a "wardrobe malfunction" then what? they fine janet jackson $5000 for public nudity, her pool boy spends more money than that on lattes in a week! Or what would one charge Justin Timberlake with, aiding and abedding a flash? Seriously, why waste the money on an investigation? I also love how CBS and the NFL are talking about being disappointed on the whole by MTVs actions... what exactly where they expecting from Kid Rock, Nelly, and Janet Jackson? Maybe they should have hired more reserved and professional people from the MTV community, like Madonna and Britney Spears... oh no.. wait... hmmm. Grow up people, move on with your lives, if your sons are lucky this will not be the last boob they see!

On a more personal note, I was sitting on the medical bus on the way back to my car the other day and I overheard some med students discussion a recent test they'd had. One of them commented that it was so hard she had to take a couple of minutes to pray... and that Jesus only helped her out with the Biotin question. Here's the thing, if I want prayer, I'll get a priest, I don't want my doctor praying, I don't care if Jesus can help him/her out, I want my doctor knowing the material. When I heard her say those things I just wanted to get up and ask her her name so that some day if she were my doctor or the doctor of a member of my family that we could find someone else, someone who studied more and prayed less. ::sigh:: Med students...

1-21-04: You know I just noticed that firefly thing down there.. they list the pilot's name as Walsh... his name is Wash...

1-20-04: I tell you all right now, you should all see Big Fish. It's a beautiful movie and one of the movie genuinely good movies I've seen in a very long time. (Yes I too loved Lord of the Rings, don't get your panties in a bunch) but this has a beauty all it's own.

Melanie Silver has been added to my links page, since I harassed long enough for her to send the url to her webpage, check it out and make sure to harass her and tell her I sent you.

1-11-04: Well I'm back from vacation, hope all of you have been enjoying legostar even in my absence. I have to say I really enjoy being able to upload a bunch of comics and then just go on vacation and not worry about uploading them every night, keenspace is a wonderful thing.

Vacation was good, Iowa is cold, but many of you reading this already know that quite well. Got to see lots of friends and family, sorry to those of you who we missed, we'll see you again in the near future though, it's not like we can stay away from Ames... much as we try...

Also. Which firefly character are you? I'm....

"The Pilot"

Which Firefly character are you?
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12-24-03: May you all enjoy whichever holiday season it is you celebrate. And if you hate them all well then a Miserable Xmas to you.

12-18-03: Take my love, take my land, take me where I can not stand. I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me. Take me out to the black, tell them I ain't comin back, burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me. There's no place I can be, since I've found serenity. But you can't take the sky from me.

If you haven't gone out and bought "Firefly" on dvd, you're missing out. Real science fiction fans should not be without this (sadly) shortlived but excellent t.v. show.

12-5-03: There are several reasons for going the way I am with Johnny's mother. At first I was gonna make them Russian, but I figured if I was going to make fun of any slavs it should be my own people, most of the jokes translate to Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, and just about any other slavic race anyway, so the point is kinda moot. I have updated Johnny's bio to reflect this, you can check it out if you like, or not, if you like. Secondly there is of course the whole reference to Worf's adopted Russian parents on ST:TNG which I find funny in it's own right, but Johnny wasn't adopted so... I don't know, maybe it's not funnier or anything, but it is a reference. Thirdly, this gives me a chance to make more fun of myself and I think I need to do that after beating the crap outa Sam in the comic. The laundry machine thing is a direct reference to myself. Patricia does the laundry, while I can work the dish washer and the VCR and a whole host of other electrical thingies, including complicated machines in a lab environment I don't go near the washing machine. This has nothing to do with me thinking it's a woman's job, it has to do with my fear of completely destroying my favorite t-shirts.

11-27-03: Happy Thanksgiving from all of us... well okay just me... at Legostar!

11-20-03: My deepest sympathies to all those people who have lost family and friends in the Istambul bombings today.

11-13-03: Well I'm back from the Big Easy... no not from (insert insult to someone's mother here)'s place, New Orleans. The poster presentation went very very well, we had nonstop people interested in our work for five hours straight, that's five hours of standing repeating myself over and over and over. Oddly enough it was immensely satisfying, and we had the fortune of being next to the posters of one of the most significant labs for glia-neuron interaction, so it all went very well. New Orleans was as always great, thought I must say this now and mind you I will find a way to further insult them in the comic... Embassy Suites Sucks! they screwed us, we showed up, had reservations for a four person suite two months ago, and they're like, sorry the four of you will have to sleep in a one bed room. Mind you these four people were me, my girlfriend, and my parents, which was a bit odd. We did get upgraded to a suite after the first night but still, when you make a reservation does that not in the name imply that you have reserved the space you asked for. Dad really ripped them a new one, it was fun to watch. Anyway that's all for the moment, soooo sleepy.

10-30-03: Haven't ranted in a while, it's the consequence of work and school and other assorted time consumers. You should all feel lucky that I even update my webcomic regularly, there's lots of people out there (most of them who's comics require much more effort) can't claim that their life doesn't interfere with their comic. Feel glad I'm lazy and take pictures of legos instead of actually drawing stuff. Not much to rant about momentarily, tests coming up but Society for Neuroscience meeting coming up too and that's gonna be fun. Also from my work in my first rotation lab I may get my name on another scientific paper, there will be a link to it when and if it happens, yes I know all of you are on the edge of your seats to read a stuffy scientific paper.

Our neighbors have this dog, half the time it sounds like they're killing him. He's a young active dog, who's not being walked enough, and when they do walk him, they don't hold the leash well. As they are loud, we hear all this. All I have to say is "run bandit, run! Get away while you can!"

10-22-03: This is just one of those funny things that just trancends genre.

I feel left out. I'm actually quite sad that sam didn't make a little southpark me for his comic, but I guess I understand, he did put me in one comic.. with my head on a peice of flan.. it's a long story.. but I still feel kinda left out, I guess I'm not part of that group and I never really was, but then he includes people who don't live in ames in his comic. Yeah I don't have time to hang out with them on IRC but if i did I doubt it would be at a time that any of them would be there anyway. I don't have too many friends here, and I guess I'm easily excluded from all my friends back in ames (No I don't mean you Chase and Sarah, you guys still include me, and I appreciate that!) Which reminds me, click here for Chase's someday comic, the substance abusing Dragon is based on my character.

10-14-03: For those of you to whom I have not complained about this, here's the story. We took a test in biochem, it was a bad test, and I don't mean hard... well I do mean hard, but in addition to hard it was kinda a crappy test. This was eivident since the average was a 36/100, and the highest score a 65/100. That's not a good thing, on any test, ever. Though I should note, that in these grad school courses the average is a B, one standard div in either direction defines the borders of B/A range or B/C range. I was a bit above average, so I had a B and was more or less content with my grade if not with the overall test results. There was, however, some sort of hubub, not really sure where it came from, students or department or something, but there was this big deal how the tests had not been properly graded and were going to be regraded and get people some points back (and in some cases take more points away, I kid you not). But with everyone there stood a chance that the average could go up and your points might not, leaving you with a lower grade than what you had to start with. This lead to long drawn out discussions, including a "meeting" where we "voiced our concers" to the "teachers" which basically amounted to an hour of my life I'm never getting back. We got back those regrades finally, the average is now 41. What exactly was the point there? five points? this is somehow a more acceptable average? The highest score went up only about five points so really nothing has changed. I went up a bit more than that, so I'm sitting at a higher B than I had the first grade around, but it doesn't really make any sort of difference as the distribution is almost identicial to what it was. I look back and all I learned from this test is that I can study hard and just end up getting time wasted over bullshit which has nothing to do with anything and accomplishes nothing. Welcome to Acedamia, please leave your logic and reason at the door, you can pick them up on your way out.

10-8-03: Yesterday my car's (Kristabella) battery died in a shopping area called South Park.

So basically.... You killed Kristabella! You Bastards!

This is strange cause Patricia's car's battery died last week, it's like we pissed off the battery gods or something... if you'll excuse me I'm going to go sacrifice a double A in hopes of appeasement.

10-6-03: I hope everyone is enjoying the new sight design. I'm quite proud of it as it is a sort of mockery of Star Trek consoles. It is however instead of being in pastels like on the show in the primary colors of legos, clever ain't I? I've been meaning to do this for quite a while but I've had a barrage of tests and kinda got sick recently so anything not related to schoolwork kinda got put aside, but I had a nice three day weekend (thank you UK for "fall break") and so I'm getting this done, Most of the site is updated and several of the sections I decided to leave as they were. Note ably there is now a Links page, and the Info section to replace the Characters page. The Info page isn't done yet, It'll get done slowly because it's quite a bit of work with the way I decided to do it... which in retrospect seems a bit masochistic, oh well.

From commentary on the Tagboard the other day it dawned on me that I don't have enough links to the sites of other lego artists, so I put a bunch of those up, including the Reverend Brendan Powell Smith, who does the lego bible stories.

Check out what I've done with the new Info section as well as the Links section and the redesign on the storylines section.

Also, by request, Chapter 1 of Evil Princesses and Dragons In Distress, and by choice, my new shortstory, Fire.

I just finished a week and a half in which I had three tests, mind you I'm only in three classes, so this was slightly obnoxious. What's worse is the class average on the Biochem exam was 36. 36 out of 100, and there are not a small amount of people in that class. Lucky for me in that class the average is considered a B. So it's all good. (just for reference the range in the class was from 10 to 60. No one did better than a 60, isn't that somehow wrong?

9-22-03: I only have three classes and yet in the next week and a half I have three exams, something ain't right with that.. and that something is called Grad school. The price I pay for a PhD.. at least I'm no longer paying an actual monetary price for my edu-ma-kation.

Also, I put a link to Chase's page down there, along with a little lego him.

9-17-03: This stage in life is quite annoying sometimes. No one is willing to help pay my way to the Neuroscience Conference. ISU won't pay cause I'm not a student there anymore and UK won't pay because the reaserch wasn't done at UK. So we have to pay it ourselves. There are grants set up for exactly this kind of thing, but nooooo, not for us... stupid system.

Also, COUCH!

The bees on the pillows add a touch of whimsy.

9-13-03: Yesterday John Ritter and Johnny Cash passed away, two great entertainers who will be missed. Legostar's own Johnny Danger salutes these great Johns, as do I.

9-12-03: Long week... Loooooong week.

9-10-03: My dad once caught a fish this big.

9-9-03: The Planet Game is a parody of the Country or the City game, same idea, different locales. Patricia and I tried to play this on a plane flight we had recently, it resulted in pretty much the same sort of thing going on in the comics.

My new favorite song. Which can be found in Futurama epsiode "Hell is Other Robots"

Robot Devil: Cigars are evil, you won't miss 'em,
we'll find ways to simulate that smell,
what a sorry fella, rolled up and smoked like a panatella,
here on level one of robot hell!

Gambling's wrong and so is cheating,
so is forging phoney I.O.U.s,
let's let lady luck decide what type of torture's justified,
I'm pit-boss here on level 2
Oooh deep fried robot!

Bender: Just tell me why
Robot Devil: Please read this 55 page warrent
Bender: There must be robot's worse than I
Robot Devil: We've checked around there really aren't
Bender: Then please let me explain, my crimes were merely boyish pranks
Robot Devil: You stole from boyscouts, nuns and banks!
Bender: Don't blame me, blame my upbringing
Robot Devil: Please stop sinning while I'm singing

Selling bootleg tapes is wrong,
musicians need that income to survive
Beastie Boys: Hey Bender gonna make some noise
with your hard drive scratched by the Beastie Boys!
That's what you what you what you get on level five!

Fry: I don't feel well
Leela: It's up to us to rescue him
Fry: Maybe he likes it here in hell
Leela: It's us who tempted him to sin
Fry: Maybe he's back at the motel
Leela: Comeon now Fry, don't be scared,
I'm sure at least one of us will be spared,
so just sick back, enjoy the ride
Fry: My ass has blisters from the slide

Robot Devil: Fencing diamonds, fixing cock fights, publishing indecent magazines,
you'll pay for every crime,
knee deep in electric slime,
you'll suffer till the end time,
enduring tortures, most of which rhyme,
trapped forever here in robot hell!

9-5-03: By popular demand--by which I mean kathleen bugging me--the rant is back. So comicwise lots has happened recently, though mostly just me making typical car travel jokes... but in space. Also let it be noted that Gary can be of variable size and live in space, I'm not sure why as of yet, but it is so simply so that comic might work. Thanks chase for translating it for everyone... had I wanted it translated for all to see I would have put a translation of it myself, mostly it was there to amuse you personally and anyone who went to the trouble of decoding it.. but thanks for spoiling my fun anyway.

Lifewise things are hectic, school has kicked in, as has work so you'll pardon me if I don't have a lot of ranting time, the fact that I get a comic up five days a week should hopefully satisfy most of you... as for the rest of you (kathleen knows who she is) you'll have to e-mail me or talk to me on aim if you wish daily progress reports ;)

Oh, for those of you interested, after an extensive poll, most of which consisted of people being very confused as to what I was talking about, and really only getting imput of any useful kind from kathleen, and don, I have decided to build a new design for the Muffin, basing it off Star Trek ships in a further attempt to mock them.

8-25-03: It's been a year folks, can you believe it, five days a week for a whole year. I didn't expect to get this far, didn't think I had that much funny in me (some might argue that I didn't) but enough of you liked it so I kept doing it. Get ready for another year with so many twists and turns... well okay maybe a couple twists and turns... eh.. too much work, I'll just keep trying to be funny, that's been good so far.

8-22-03: After a couple of fiasco's in recent days we decided to go to the aquarium in Cincinati yesterday, the brochure said it was 100,000 gallons of wonder, in our opinion it was more like 10,000. But it was still lots of fun and we had a nice meal and enjoyed ourselves and it made us feel quite a bit better.

Today I had a rather odd thought. I was watching "i love the 70's" and they were talking about "Battle of the Network Stars" and we began to speculate as to what would happen if we had one of those today. First of all, NBC would loose, badly, cause they're saddled with the Friends cast and the cast of Fraiser, hell even I could outrun any of them... but I had a rather weird thought. Think about the Fox (or fucks) network, think for a moment how many shows do you watch on fox that are not syndicated or animated shows... it's hard isn't it, takes you a while to come up with a handleful (much easier to come up with good shows they've canned before they even got a chance). Though if they let cartoons into the competition, Homer would pretty much suck things up as far as physical activity goes. Though if there was a limbo, Hermes would kick some ass.. but oh wait.. they CANCELED FUTURAMA!!!!!

8-19-03: Yes, that's right, I'm blowing up the ship and I would like everyone's imput as I am slightly torn on the issue. When they get a new ship, should it look almost exactly like the old one, or should I build one that looks more star treky? E-mail me on this, please, I'm not kidding, I want some feedback.

So Kat sent me this link, It is the web page of Wil Wheaton, remember him? Wesley Crusher from Star Trek TNG, well he makes and maitains his own page. It's quite cool, I always liked Wesley, but that makes me a freak I guess. The strangest part is that his rants sound kinda like Don's.

8-18-03: I wonder perhaps if anyone can point out exactly what that self destruct code references...

Sweet baby jesus in a rocket ship! There's gonna be a lego Lando. Here, click here!

8-16-03: Well the schmoozing is over, we've seen all the departments and all their various info is crammed into our heads. Now comes the part where I try to figure out who's lab I want to work in for my first rotation and hope that they want to work with me too.

8-13-03: Okay this comic is funniest if you happen to have any idea who Chthulu is, check out some of H. P. Lovecraft's work, or don't, it's up to you.

Got a few things to bitch about today, all of which have to do with the government, go figure.

1. I heard last night our prez talking about his solution to saving all the trees in the west from forest fires. He's gonna cut them down, that's right, to save them he's gonna kill them.... Is anyone but me slightly horrified over this?  Of course this couldn't have anything to do with our intrepid leader's friends in the logging industry.. could it?

2. The new proposed head of the EPA, the enviromental protection agency, is a former governor of Utah... what the hell would he know about the environment, there isn't one in Utah! Okay, the last one was a guy from New Jersey, and while you could easily get cancer just by having a layover in Newark Airport, all kidding aside, New Jersey at least has some semblance of an environment, or at least it did at one point. Utah's one significant environmental feature... is a giant, incredibly salty lake... ug.

8-07-03: My Traditional End of the Summer Song, thank you Mr. Joel.

Sittin here in avalon,
Lookin at the pouring rain,
Summertime has come and gone,
And everybody's home again,
Closing down for the season
I found the last of the souvenirs,
I can still taste the wedding cake
And it's sweet after all these years

These are the last words I have to say,
That's why it took so long to write,
There will be other words some other day,
But that's the story of my life.

Comfort in my coffee cup,
Apples in the early fall,
They're pulling all the moorings up
And gatherin at the legion hall,
Swept away all the streamers
After the labor day parade,
There's nothing left for a dreamer now,
Only one final serenade.

And these are the last words I have to say,
Before another age goes by,
With all those other songs I'll have to play,
But that's the story of my life

And it's so clear standing here,
Where I am, ain't that what justice is for,
Frankly my dear,
I don't give a damn, anymore

Stack the chairs on the table tops
Hang the sheets on the chandeliers,
It slows down but it never stops,
Ain't it sweet after all these years,

And these are the last words I have to say,
It's always hard to say goodbye,
But now it's time to put this book away,
And that's the story of my life.

These are the last words I have to say,
That's why it took so long to write,
There will be other words some other day,
Ain't that the story of my life.

These are the last words I have to say,
Before another age goes by,
With all those other songs I'll have to play,
Ain't that the story of my life.

8-05-03: So I finished my first day of orientation in IBS yesterday (that's Integrated Biomedical Sciences not Irritable Bowl Syndrome). Boy my life is just full of unfortunate acronyms recently... IBS... KY... sheesh. Anyway, the program is good the people are nice, should be a rather interesting experience.

On a comic note, yesterday featured the metioning of the McNoggin, thought I should point that out. For those of you unfamiliar with the infamous McNoggin, some woman found a deep fat fried chicken head in her McNuggets once, Have you had your beak today?

8-04-03: It's starting to look like the living room of actual people.

8-02-03: Today's guest strip is brought to you by Sam Wong, of Ass + Jack fame. I hope to have more guest strips from people in the future, that is if they submit them :)

8-01-03: Yeah I know I haven't ranted for a while, but I've been kind busy moving in and whatnot so just relax, you get a comic five days a week, that's more than most sites can deliver.

I would really appreciate imput on what people think of the Flirty Shortskirty thing so far, via tagboard or e-mail or something. Comments about format and story and so on welcome.

Sam (of Ass + Jack fame) parodied both my site and my comic cause that's what he's doing right now. The comic he mocked will be up on this site tomorrow as a bonus weekend guest comic. I welcome submissions for guest comics that somehow have to do with legostar, even if they're drawn. And I'm still searching for someone to perhaps do a drawn version of Flirty.

I must say I'm greatly enjoying Lexington, there's culture, there's good places to eat, there's fast driving, it's got everything except a WB affiliate within 200 miles, but maybe I can find a really powerful antenna.

Oh, Sam, I keep forgetting to tell you, I found the perfect pizza for me at this italian restaurant we went to. It's pepperoni, prochuito and sausage (though perhaps spelled correctly), three kinds of pig on one pizza, it was indeed what heaven must taste like.

I would now like to take a moment to bitch about the fox network, I hate fox, fox sucks, I can't believe they're canceling futurama, or already have rather, the show won an emmy last season and fox just kept preempting with mindless crap (i.e. football games). Why doesn't some network pick it up? It's quality programing with a loyal following! I HATE YOU FOX!!!!

7-26-03: Well I probably should have posted this comment yesterday but I didn't cause things are busy and they'll probably stay busy for a bit. But today is a nice relaxing day so I thought I'd put up a post and talk about the comic a bit. As you can all see I've started the Flirty Shortskirty storyline, it will last for I think 13 comics, about the length of a short comic book.  I am not as satisfied with how this came out as I would like, not sure if that's so because I ended up being a bit rushed with it or whatnot, but in any case legos don't seem to translate too well into this type of format. If there is anyone reading this who draws well I would be very interested in colaborating in a way to produce further Flirty Shortskirty comics in a drawn fashion as perhaps weekend fillers or something. If you are interested in such a project please send drawing samples to legostargalactica@hotmail.com Thank you.

7-24-03: I tell you all now... Holiday Inns, very bad, some are rude, other's have bed bugs, the itching is unbearable. ::shudder::

7-22-03: Greetings from my new home in Lexington, Kentucky. Moving in and settling in is going well and for all of you out there who I have not had a chance to inform about this, the phone number I gave you is incorrect, traspose the last two digets, if I've already told you this, disregard this message.

As a neuroscientist I demand a pair of brainchucks!

Also, help save sluggy!

7-19-03: Okay, that's it folks, moving day, computer's gonna be going soon so this'll be the last rant until I get things set up in kentucky. If there's a prob with the comic, blame keenspace i'm outa the loop for a while.

To all my friends: I don't know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. This is the end . I am going. I am leaving now, good-bye.

7-18-03: They say violence isn't the answer... i disagree with them, however violence leads to things such as prison and i have no desire to go there. Therefore Boba does my violence for me :)

T-minus 2 days.

7-17-03: I'd actually planned to do this joke sometime during the whole 46 is a horse bit... but somehow it slipped past and ended up here, go figure.

Why is it, that no matter what time i decide i'm going to get up someone finds a really obnoxious way to wake me up earlier? This morning I was gonna get up at 9 and go in to work. A guy came to our door at 8:30, looking for Larry, and asking if our address was something it wasn't. In fact that particular number doesn't appear on this street which happens to be the only street our neighborhood consists of. Next time his friend needs to give him better directions.

Man... U-haul was a real pain in the ass, but at least they corrected their horrible mistake and I'll be able to move on time and everything.

T-minus 3 days.

7-16-03: "I spy with my little eye, something start with B." "Boxes." "Good. I spy with my little eye, something starting with M." "More Boxes." "Excellent!" "And that's when I shot him your honor..." "I spy with my little eye something starting with E." "Look I'm tired of this." "Oh come on..." "I... it's not..." "hmm?" "Even more boxes.

T-minus 4 days.

7-15-03: Yes, I know it's anticlimactic, but sit down and watch some science fiction, especially star trek, a whole lot of it is anticlimactic, so this works on a rather subtle, not so funny, disapointing level...

So I've put up a bunch of pictures of my gignormous lego castle and environs for all of you to peruse if you wish. It's here.

T-minus 5 days.

7-14-03: Raise your hand if you saw this plot twist coming.

I now have legostars done until the 19th of august, thus i can move and settle in without worry of updating things, as keenspace shall do it for me. Ain't life grand?

T-minus 6 days.

7-13-03: This is just plain cute.

Well I guess it's a good thing that I'm going to the south cause I'm really beginning to enjoy sappy country music.

My neighbors are crazy... crazy and stupid.. my cousin and her husband and well just a whole ton of my family came to visit yesterday... on our street they got hit by my neighbor... in his riding mower.. he just wasn't paying attention and went onto the road and into the side of their car. ::sigh::

T-minus 7 days (1 week!)

7-12-03: Heh... wookies are funny.

T-minus 8 days

7-11-03: So I get this e-mail in my bulk mail folder... it says i can enlarge my penis 3+ inches and it's "100% guarunteed."  Makes me wonder.. Guaurunteed or what? Your money back?  Honestly if someone's attempted to enlarge me 3 inches and messed it up, all my money back isn't going to make me feel a whole lot better. Your penis back? Now if they've already screwed it up how're they gonna make things better, one thinks if they could make things better they wouldn't screw it up in the first place, and there seems to be very little chance of that. It also makes me wonder if there are people out there who get these e-mails and are happy about it, and they go out and they try this product or method or whatever the hell it happens to be advertising. How dissatisfied with a portion of your anatomy (penis, breasts, whatever) do you have to be to actually try to deal with it via something you got in a spam mail? My condolances to all those poor bastards out there who got their money back, even though their only half the men they used to be...

T-minus 9 days (single digets folks!)

7-10-03: I am oddly proud of this joke... not sure why.

Okay, this is pretty damn funny, now it might look like it didn't load right, but just read the text, it's damn funny!

My room is now full of boxes, the packing has begun in earnest and soon I shall be on my way. Hope I'm not missed too much after I'm gone. You can all get a daily dose ( or perhaps doze) of my wit and charm via this webpage, so don't be too sad :)

T-minus 10 days

7-9-03: I can't get no... sleep. Between the insane cardinal (the bird not the church official) in our backyard who keeps seeing his reflection in the windows and attacking it, and the hurricane that passed through my neighborhood last night at six a.m., let's call it hurricane Emrondak for humor purposes, i can't get any damn sleep. Plus I've been having these really messed up dreams, and oddly enough said dreams don't seem to be directly related to any manner of crazy video games i'm currently playing. I dreamt I was back in highschool last night... regardless of content that in itself qualifies it as a nightmare... sheesh.

T-minus 11 days

7-8-03: It's amazing what a difference two degrees can make. Yesterday i spent several hours working outside in the very humid heat, in long sleaves and long pants. I came in and went straight to the pool. 90 degrees, it felt like a sauna even though i'd been outside. Today, I spent a good part of the day (aside from some time in the early afternoon) inside, in the air conditioning. Went to swim tonight, 88 degrees, felt nice and cool, it's really quite amazing how different 2 degrees can feel.

T-minus 12 days

7-7-03: Terminator 3: good movie, or at the very least I got what I expected out of it. And I must say the car chase scenes were much much better than the one in the matrix and the T3 people didn't even have to build their own highway. Goes to show that bigger isn't neccessarily better. When it comes to car chase scenes in movies at least ;)

Time is now really beginning to move pretty quickly.

T-minus 13 days.

7-6-03: "I distinctly remember someone saying 'we're not gonna make it.' Looks like we made it." "At the time it appeared like we weren't going to make it." "Well next time you might wanna be a little more optimistic..." "And blow the last chance I might ever have to be right?" "what?" see.. now that's good t.v. :)

T-minus 14 days, that's two weeks!!!!

7-5-03: Goodbye Barry White, you and your music will be missed. We never could get enough of your love.

T-minus 15 days

7-4-03: For those of you not in "the know" today's comic features a reference to one of my all time favorite series of games (and at this point in time by series i mean two games) Thief.

This is funny for several reasons, the ratings system is one i agree with completely and also he refers to something i did as comic mischief :)

For a while now people kept asking me "what're you doing on the fourth?" I find this statement rather amusing. It's like asking a random american, "what are you doing on bastille day (french independance day)?" I used to go and watch the fireworks when i was young but for some reason they're not that interesting to me anymore, i wonder why... explosions are always cool plus there's all the loud noise... maybe video games ARE desensitizing me.

T-minus 16 days

7-3-03: ::sigh:: I waited for so long for the next Tomb Raider game, it should have come out in November but instead it came out on Monday. I want so much to like this game but it's really not very good. The controls are pretty bad, I know, Steve and many others will maintain that Tomb Raider games all have bad control schemes, well this is worse. The story seems okay so far but I've noticed every time I have a "choice" in the conversation the question I didn't ask ends up being asked in the rest of the conversation anyway. The graphics are okay, but from time to time people look fucked up, the polygons are all weird, like the person's been turned inside out and backwards or something. Speaking of polygons, she jiggles, I think this says it all. You'd think that if it took them so damn long to put this game on the shelves at least it would have less bugs. I've had to restart my computer three times already because it locked up. I'll play it through to the end (if it lets me) hell I played III all the way to the end. I'm not sure I can be loyal to this franchise any longer, honestly out of six games, two have been good. Though if the pattern maintains the next one should be good. There are so many good ideas present in this game, if only it could execute them. That's all for Tomb Raider: Angel of Disapointment.

T-minus 17 days.

7-2-03: Once in a house way down memory lane,
there lived two lovers who quarreled in vain.
Love made a stone wall and now the wall's all that remains.
So this is where that story comes to the end,
cause the family was never together again.
That's just the way some stories go,
but before you know it, another begins.

Storybook endings and white picket fences,
castles and tales where the prince finds the princess ain't real...
if you stop believin

The ending had come as a total surprise,
and you should have seen all the tears in the eyes,
of all the family as they all said their goodbyes.
Goodbye to those who have fell by the way,
goodbye to dreams they will call yesterday,
but they'll rekindle some in the chapters to come in the sequel called 'life day to day.'

Storybook endings and white picket fences,
castles and tales where the prince finds the princess ain't real...
if you stop believin

So ashes to ashes when dreams all come tumblin down.
Cause the world will just keep spinin on, like a merry-go-round.

Storybook endings and white picket fences,
castles and tales where the prince finds the princess ain't real...
if you stop believin
if you stop believin.

T-minus 18 days

7-1-03: You know guys it's really rather annoying when you sign onto aim and then just put up and away message... why are you sitting online if you're not responding to people. It's kinda rude. So you're doing something on the internet, great, do you have to be on aim too? If you're letting your computer download something and you're paying much attention what purpose is there to signing onto aim so that those of us who'd like to talk to you can be frustrated by the fact that you're online but not responding to anyone. Also, most of you need to be more like chase and karen and have cool away messages instead of "doing stuff" I know you're more creative than that, Lisa!

T-minus 19 days

6-30-03: I've been waiting for a while to do this joke :) This is of course part II of "fuck you and everyone who looks like you" for those of you not paying attention.

Lego Trogdor Sited!!! Wish I'd thought of this.

I'm leaving soon, if it wasn't evident from the countdown (20 days now) but for the most part it seems like I'm already gone. I think I've been gone for a while now, it just took me a while to realize it. Things change, people move on, most of my friends have already moved on, whether they realize it or not, and now, now it's my turn to move on. It's not so hard to say good-bye to most of my friends as it's not like I see them all that much to begin with, nor have I for quite some time.

T-minus 20 days

6-28-03: "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." Turns out not only do they pave paradise and put up a parking lot, but at ISU they then tare up the parking lot and put up a fucking ugly building.

T-minus 22 days

6-27-03: I promise, today's comic is the last Legend of Zelda joke..

New Harry Potter Book finally came. I've read about 550 pages of it, and it's pretty damn fantastic. I'll shut up about it now and not spoil it for the rest of you.

T-minus 23 days.

6-26-03: So Chase, Sarah, Sarah's little brother, and myself went to see "Hulk" or "The Hulk" or "The Incredible Hulk" or "Shrek 2" or whatever you want to call it last night. This was yet another movie that everyone seemed polarized into "it ruled" and "it sucked" that I came out in the middle about. It wasn't a great movie, I certainly enjoyed the X-men movies and Spiderman more. Hulk was certainly better than Daredevil, but once again there was the rather slow paceing. At least a half hour could have been cut from this film and it would have been fine. Chase was slightly disappointed that the Hulk did not say "Hulk Smash!" but he did indeed smash, quite a bit and it was interesting, in a stuff gets damaged sort of way, but the CGI was still a bit distracting. It was not nearly as distracting as their excessive attempts to make it really look like a comic book, with multiple panels on the screen akin to many bad seventies shows... It annoyed and angered me and for a bit there I wasn't sure I was going to become big, green, and badly cgied.. but I didn't and it was all good. Acting was good, story was good if not a bit too drawn out. All I gotta say is that Hulk's got it rough... It's not easy being green.

T-minus 24 days

6-25-03: Okay, there is now a storyline section up, so that you can jump back to your favorite legostar storylines. Something like this for stand alone jokes will appear at some point but that task is just a bit more ardeous so it may not happen for a while, enjoy what you got.

So I saw something on T.V. last night where David Schwimmer is tackling a problem few people dare to... race... Are you kidding me? everyone tackles it? It's nothing new. And frankly something like that should not be handled by one of the singularly worst actors in hollywood, when "Friends" is FINNALLY over he's gonna have a rude awakening when his paychecks start disappearing. I don't know if you've seen him do anything outside of "Friends" but it's doubtful he can act, he pretty much is Ross in every damn thing he does. Maybe next he'll tackle something else few people are willing to... unemployment!

T-miuns 25 days.

6-24-03: This is both pretty damn funny and disgusting. "Have you had your beak today?"

So yesterday my friend Sam suggested that I should perhaps forgive some of the people I hold grudges against. I'm not big on forgiveness, not with the kinds of things I end friendships over. I don't think that I'm a petty person, I make friends easily, lose them with a bit of difficulty but I never let people back into my life when they have transgressed in a way against me that I find unforgivable enough to end the friendship. (maybe that does make me petty). I'm a serb, we invented the grudge, or at the very least perfected it. I don't generally see a reason to forgive and forget when most of the people I chose to end my friendship with haven't changed since we stopped begin friends, so the behavoir remains and I still have no desire to be friends with people who behave in that way. I don't have time for fair-weather friends, for people who have no respect for me and the like. I have more than enough good friends, people who have always been there for me when they were most needed, in addition I have friends who are there to have fun with, many of them not exactly the best of friends since they aren't always there whne needed, but haven't been mean enough to just abandon. Soon I'll make new friends, and honeslty I just don't feel the need to rehash old relationships that I gave up for a reason. To quote Grosse Pointe Blank, "Some people say forgive and forget, I say forgetting the forgiving and just accept.... and get out of town."

T-minus 26 days

6-23-03: Okay, so twice in the last few days people from my distant past (highschool) have implied that I have somehow vanished... I didn't go anywhere, I barely moved when we moved and I've been at ISU for the last four years. That's hardly vanishing. Maybe I'm just not sociable. What's funny is that these comments come just before I'm actually about to vanish from Ames. Well I guess since most people think I've vanished it's about time I did. ::does that poof thing that Nightcrawler does::

T-minus 27 days.

6-22-03: For some reason I can't fathom the add that should be at the top of my page is now appearing inside my tagboard thingy.... sheesh.

So one of my exgirlfriends got married this weekend, and as strange a feeling as that happens to be, another of my friends also got married the day before and it occured to me that both of them dated Jason Clark, I can't imagine how weird he would if he knew (maybe he does, I don't know) that two of his exes got married within a day of each other. I guess it would be weirder/funnier if they'd married each other, but oh well. I'll take my laughs where I can get them.

Fox sucks, I really hate them, again tonight no Futurama. I know it's been canceled but for the love of god just show the last few episodes instead of being so fucking wishy washy about it! Futurama is a great show and Fox (or Fucks) is a bunch of complete idiots to do with it what they did (constant preempting) They can let the simpsons run into tedium but they can't give Futurama a decent chance. I'm not even going to bother going into the reality t.v. craze and fox's (fuck's) abuse of that "genre."

T-minus 28 days.

6-21-03: Now only 29 days till Kentucky!!!

Now you too can have a fancy legostar banner on your page to link to this entertaining site. For the low low price of $0.00, payable in 28 easy instalments of $0.00. Just click here to get your very own banner!

6-20-03: So the Scifi Channel is showing Superman II... which is brought to us by.. yes, you guessed it, Viagra. Does anyone but me find that really funny?

6-18-03: Finally, my own keenspace account!! Let the readers file in!!! Also I finally put a tagboard thingy up so I can get more feedback from people rather than having them go to my guestbook which no one seems to sign anyway.