To my parents for buying me waaaaaaay too many legos as a child (and an adult)

To all my friends in Ames who encouraged me when I started this crazy little comic.

To all my friends at Keenspace keeping me crazy enough to continue the work.

To Jen for helping me come up with a name for the comic.

To all my friends who've spread the word and given me more readers.

To all the people I don't know who post links to here from random blogs.

To all the sites who've linked to me and given me tons of traffic.

To my friends and coworkers who are constantly doing very strange and silly things and inspiring jokes at their expense.

Thanks to Luke Liedel and Kieth Walters for generously donating their lego collections to my cause!

To the Lego company for creating such a wonderful toy.

To every science fiction show in creation for being so amazingly entertaining and often cliché.

To Olympus for making great digital cameras.

To Adobe and Metacreations for making great software.

There's more, I know there is, and I'll add them as I think of them.